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Many of you visiting our new Gold Scams Blog have had an interest in the precious metals world and/or know someone who has. We welcome you to a new place to educate yourself on the latest in investment culture and the ugly things that lurk in this, now dense, market place.

Peter Schiff’s latest report on Gold Scams covers many of the problems gold and silver buyers face today when searching for the right dealer: where to feel comfortable and where to feel like they are getting a great deal. Schiff’s report covers many of the tactics used in the precious metals business today that will make you want to sit down and get educated before your next buy. You can read the report today by signing up and downloading your own free copy!

Since the financial crisis began in 2007 (although I know a lot of us could agree it has been going on much longer), the value of precious metals, namely gold and silver, have outperformed most investments. As most successful trends go, people have caught onto the metals’ stellar performance and want to get a piece of the pie themselves. There are many ways to fill your portfolio with gold and silver. Investors pour money into ETFs, mining and exploration companies, mutual funds, and even jewelry, but one of the most popular, and what some may claim safest, ways to invest is with physical bullion. Cold, hard metal right in your hands.

Well if you are one of those physical gold or silver investors, you’ve stumbled upon a blog that’s just for you. In these times of mainstream gold and silver hype, there is room for some sketchy deals to take place, like with any hot commodity. We’re here at Gold Scams to talk about what to look out for and how to become an educated gold and silver bullion buyer. Every week, we’ll cover the latest in pricing, scams, and new buyer education – and include some words from the experts (Peter Schiff, David Morgan, and other influential persons in the gold and silver community).

With nothing but optimism pouring from the metals market, there’s no stopping some of the successful gains that lie ahead. Subscribe to Gold Scams today and learn how to make bullion buying a successful experience for yourself, friends, and loved ones.

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