South Park: Cash for Gold!

It’s no surprise that with the growing popularity of physical bullion buying, Trey Parker and Matt Stone take on the gold scamming culture we now live in. The creators of South Park have been tackling some timely issues (the TSA, Dolphin Killings, and next week the GOP Primary!) in a hilarious manner, so I wasn’t surprised one bit with the wit they added so gracefully into Episode 16 of this Season’s South Park:

Cash for gold stores and shopping networks have been around for decades, but with the new emergence of social networks, and the intergenerational use of the internet, the choices have now become more broad, allowing competition to weed out the scammers!

The bait and switch method still exists, and the example of home shopping networks in this episode is a great one, ie: selling at a “discounted” price claiming that the collector’s edition is worth way more. This same strategy is comparable to the numismatic sales from scammers who claim that the date or style of the coin, regardless of its metal content, will make it a worthy investment. Unless you can find the collector looking for that exact coin, it’s not.

Do you homework, and don’t end up like Stan’s grandpa. Read Peter Schiff’s Gold Scam report.

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