Some Must Reads in the Silver and Gold World

With every wonderful investment opportunity comes the brains who had the guts to stand up and share the wealth (no pun intended). Precious metals “investing” can be dated back to ancient Rome and even further. There have been numerous voices singing the praises of hard assets. Well, here’s a few of the contemporary writers/influential voices. Read these books. You’ll feel well-versed in precious metal history and buying, which in turn will help you deter any scams that come your way:

“The Case Against the Fed” – Dr. Ron Paul

“Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse” – Peter Schiff

“Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver” – Mike Maloney

“Precious Metal Investing for Dummies” – Paul Mladjenovic

“Get the Skinny on Silver Investing” – David Morgan

Each author has their own flavor and perspective, but most agree having a portion, if not a big chunk, of your portfolio in physical metal is a good idea. Take a gander at these books and see if you can become that much more prepared for your silver and gold buying experiences.

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Spongebob Silver

Not only is this eye-catching because of the cubic sea creature featured on the round, but let’s look at the price here! Four – one ounce .999 pure silver rounds are being sold here for $259.00! As I check today’s silver spot price, I can tell you that this is not a good deal at all…unless of course you are a HUGE fan of cartoon sponges. As you all know, rare coins and numismatics will not always increase in value like you are told (almost never). This New Zealand coin, that is marked as a two-dollar legal form of currency in New Zealand has the Queen Elizabeth picture on the back making it a very unique coin. Ahh…when product placement meets currency. I wonder if the dollar will ever have “Coca-Cola” listed on it one day?

I know, I know, it’s meant to be for a collection for big fans…and the nice chest, oh the nice chest is factored into the price. Either way with today’s spot price, $259.00 is a downright rip off. I hope they aren’t planning to dupe anyone into this with a talk about “future value of the coins”.

Is there any kind of coin or round you would buy because of a certain face or product being minted on it? I know there have been rounds with Presidents, other politicians, and heck, you can even order Michael Jackson on a Silver Eagle if you want. Even if you knew you were paying for the esthetic bonus and not the silver value would you spend an extra 10-20+%, or do you just want your silver? Tell us in the comment section below.

My advice is skip the fancy Spongebob and get some real bullion that’s worth the price.

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Destructive Testing on Fake Silver

It looks like some fake Sunshine Mint bars and Canadian Maple Leafs have made their way into the physical silver market. Here’s a backyard way to find out if your silver is in fact silver! [Warning: Use goggles and protective gear, this isn’t meant to keep your silver in pristine condition]

Happy buying and keep a close eye,


p.s. If you haven’t read Peter Schiff’s full report on Gold Scams, now is the time.