Destructive Testing on Fake Silver

It looks like some fake Sunshine Mint bars and Canadian Maple Leafs have made their way into the physical silver market. Here’s a backyard way to find out if your silver is in fact silver! [Warning: Use goggles and protective gear, this isn’t meant to keep your silver in pristine condition]

Happy buying and keep a close eye,


p.s. If you haven’t read Peter Schiff’s full report on Gold Scams, now is the time.

One thought on “Destructive Testing on Fake Silver

  1. This video left me with a few questions.
    How many of these fakes are out there? Is it just a few?
    How easy are they to detect? Are they off on weight? Is a destructive test really required for these?
    Sunshine must be selling a lot of these to make it worth the effort to counterfeit.

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