Some Must Reads in the Silver and Gold World

With every wonderful investment opportunity comes the brains who had the guts to stand up and share the wealth (no pun intended). Precious metals “investing” can be dated back to ancient Rome and even further. There have been numerous voices singing the praises of hard assets. Well, here’s a few of the contemporary writers/influential voices. Read these books. You’ll feel well-versed in precious metal history and buying, which in turn will help you deter any scams that come your way:

“The Case Against the Fed” – Dr. Ron Paul

“Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse” – Peter Schiff

“Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver” – Mike Maloney

“Precious Metal Investing for Dummies” – Paul Mladjenovic

“Get the Skinny on Silver Investing” – David Morgan

Each author has their own flavor and perspective, but most agree having a portion, if not a big chunk, of your portfolio in physical metal is a good idea. Take a gander at these books and see if you can become that much more prepared for your silver and gold buying experiences.

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The Truth About Confiscation

As we all become more immersed in the silver and gold buying world we see the fear mongering around every corner. “No, the risks…it’s not a safe investment!”…”The government could knock on your door and take it all away tomorrow.”

We all know the FDR story back in the 1930’s where an executive order required all citizen’s gold to be collected at local Federal Reserve branches and then given an artificial price increase. Today the fear lives on as the precious metal world proliferates the executive order’s chance to reappear. There are several reasons why silver and gold have a very small chance of ever being taken from its owners’ hands by the government. Silver above all stands little chance of confiscation. Its industrial use and meek presence in the United States wouldn’t even assist the government with the astronomical debt today. It also wouldn’t be the individuals the government would first target; it’d be the mining companies.

Learn more about the history of the gold confiscation and why, especially silver, and gold are safe in the hands of investors. Aside from that, do you really think FDR’s executive order rid the hands of all Americans?

This video, in the majority of the first half, covers all the reasons why silver, especially, has low odds of ever being confiscated by the Federal Government.

So next time you hear a gold/silver salesperson try to insist on protecting yourself from this unlikely event, remember our blog and give THEM the facts! Read more about gold scams and how to avoid them in Peter Schiff’s Report.

The Better Business Bureau Exposed

As gold scams pop up around the country and world we are providing you information in order to help you avoid becoming a victim of the scams. This time around it’s not the precious metal dealer that is scamming you. It’s the one rating the deceitful precious metal dealer.

Peter Schiff talked this month on his show on about a suspicion he had about the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and their rating system. The gold scam of the year was undoubtedly the GoldLine fiasco, and with their trial taking place this month in Santa Monica, Peter decided to check and see what happened to their BBB rating. They were originally listed as an A+, now no rating existed at all. No F’s, not even a C! This wasn’t because they were disqualified all together from the site for their obvious fraudulent activity…the site’s reason for no rating was that there was “not enough information” to rate this company. HA!

Peter dug around to see what the BBB had to say about EuroPacific and was promptly met with a big F. This was due to one customer complaint, within one year, that had been filed; which was the ONLY customer complaint and/or rating that had been filed in total. So if GoldLine had a lawsuit on their hands, not to mention over 70 complaints in over 3 years on their BBB page, why wasn’t their enough information to rate their company? The obvious skepticism lead Peter to dig through numerous gold and silver companies that he knew were running scams, and wasn’t at all surprised by now to find that their ratings were not as poor as his.

His conclusion: BBB is taking payment for the rating listings, and GoldLine was keeping their rightfully smeared image under wraps.

Although we’ve listed in previous posts to double check a precious metal company’s ratings on various websites, we can now say that the Better Business Bureau lacks the integrity to provide accurate information for your buying experience. Have no fear, there are plenty of other ways to find out if the company you are working with is up to no good. Read Peter Schiff’s Gold Scam Report, and keep following our blog to stay up on the latest gold scams around the world.

Happy buying!